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  •         Located in Rudong, Yangkou industrial park of Jiangsu province , the formulation plant affiliated to Maxunitech is state-designated agrochemicals enterprise and covers an area of 10 hectares.

            Maxunitech has an experienced professional team for formulation development and production. According to the requirement of clean production, we have gained experience and established expertise in processing of DF, WDG, WP, SC, EC, SL, among others. Our products are exported to America, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Our company stresses product quality as the life of enterprise. From bench work to medium-scale pilot plant to industrial production, we own a complete range of facilities and testing equipment, which provide a strong guarantee for first-rate quality, strict control and prevention of cross-contamination.

            Maxunitech has various packaging facilities to provide clients with high quality and efficient one-stop processing, packaging and labeling services. Our company undertakes formulation process of DF, WDG, WP, SC, EC, SL, as well as other business for development and process of new dosage form.


    DF 2000mt/a;

    WDG 3000mt/a;
    SL 6000KL/a;
    WP 6000mt/a;
    EC 12000mt/a;

    SC 2500KL/a

    Packing specification:

    Solid preparation:50g-1kg、2kg、3kg、5kg、10kg、25kg、500kg

    Liquid preparation: 20ML-1L、5L、10L、20L、200L、1000KL