• Maxunitech Successfully Develops New Flumioxazin Process

  • Release time:2016-2-15   click:2760
  • MONTH, DAY, YEAR. Maxunitech developed its own patented process of producing Flumioxazin, which not only overcomes patent barriers but also ensures a product with both lower costs and better quality than that of its originator.
    Flumioxazin, originally introduced by Monstanto as the herbicide Sumisoya (flumioxazin) during the 14th Tecnoshow Comigo in Brazil, is a pre-emergent herbicide and can inhibit the emergence of weeds during the initial development. Sumisoya will be included in Monsanto's weed management program, Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions, to control resistant weeds in soybeans. The program emphasizes the need to use herbicides with different mechanisms of action per hectare throughout the agricultural year. As an important strategy for managing weed resistance, Flumioxazin use has brought outstanding benefits to the USA.With the expansion in Brazil, it will certainly further promote the increase of market share of products containing Flumioxazin in that country.
    As one of its key products, Maxunitech will firmly propel the development and registration of Flumioxazin in global major markets to become the only registered supplier aside from the R&D companies.