•         Introducing scientific management and safe production process, Maxunitech persists in producing first-class products, ensures the health and safety of employees, and protects the environmental safety so that we can guarantee the sustainable development of our company and make contributions to societal development.

            Environmental Management

            To protect the surround environment and eliminate the potential risk of pollution, we actively optimize the production process, continuously improve the utilization of the resources and raw materials, recycle and dispose wastes, and strictly implement the environmental management system certified by ISO14001.

            Occupational Health & Safety Management

            Maxunitech not only builds pleasant working environment for employees, but also carefully implements the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, which actively organizes safe production training to improve production safety, protect healthof employees, and ensure orderly, healthy and safe company growth.

            Quality Management

            Maxunitech consistently follows the principle of “Good quality comes from R&D and manufacturing, not from inspection” . We highly value the prevention and control of product cross-contamination risk and keep the operation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System from the very beginning of product decision-making, through design and development and during the process of production, to the end use of our products.