• Our Clients

  •         Since 2000, Maxunitech has had clients from over 70 countries. Our clients are our priority, and we endeavor to offer products and solutions tailored specifically to meet their demands and purposes. We attach great importance coordination with our clients, which enables both sides to leverage their respective strengths and seek the optimum cooperation opportunities to achieve win-win situation .

            We have a great understanding of the registration regulations and requirements in different countries and regions and can provide our clients spreading over the five continents of the world with viable registration support on a case-by-case basis to enable our products to enter the target markets timely and successfully. We help our clients win the market competition through our advantages in technology, cost control and industry chain integration.

            We have a diverse client base, from R&D corporations to generic and small specialized companies. We understand the true meaning of product quality and produce first-class products for our clients by virtue of our manufacturing advantages. We help our clients overcome patent barriers through innovative technology. We have a great understanding of the window opportunity for different markets and can support our clients to seize market opportunities ahead of potential competitors.

            Our clients locate in different links of industry chain to whom we provide competitive intermediates and technical products benefiting from our understanding of the optimization of industry chain and utilizing our strengths in technology and manufacture, one-stop services .