• History

    Zhejiang Zhuji United Chemicals Co., Ltd is established in year 2000.
    Streptomycin sulfate, Mepiquat chloride, chlorothalonil approved by US EPA
    R&D Institute, QA/QC established
    Oryzalin commercialization
    Sulfometuron-Methyl commercialization
    Thidiazuron commercialization
    Max(Rudong) Chemicals Co., Ltd is established in year 2005.

    Chlorothalonil 82.5 DF spray drying facilities established

    Formulation workshops established and equipped with spray dryer, extruder, fluid-bed, pan granulator and etc., main formulations including Sulfometuron-Methyl 75% WDG, Metsulfuron-methyl 60% WDG, Sulfometuron-Methyl/Metsulfuron-methyl mixed formulation, Quinclorac 75%WDG, Carbaryl 80%WP, Chlorothalonil 70%SC, Triclopyr 3A, 4E and etc.

    Triclopyr production
    2006 Metalaxyl, Paraquat, Oxadiazon, Ethephon commercialized in US market
    Trinexapac-ethy, Dithiopyr and Fluridone production

    Toll manufacturing initiated

    Zhejiang Headquarters completed

    Oriental(Luzhou) Agrochemicals. Co., Ltd acquired
    Domestic registration and marketing initiated
    Sulfentrazone, Carfentrazone-ethyl production with patented process
    Trifluralin process patent granted
    Dedicated formulation site with area of 15 ha. and capacity of 25,000 MT under construction
    Maxunitech Inc. established
    Flufenacet successfully developed

    59 patents granted or filed by the end of 2014

    23 technical products and 40 formulations commercialized, dozens of products under development

    34 products approved by ICAMA, 28 products pending, 40 products approved by US EPA

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